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PeakVision and UV Protection

"PeakVision’s Customer Care line often receives calls from potential customers wanting to inquire or verify that PEAKS have 100% UV Protection. The answer is - YES, PeakVision performance optics provide 100% UV400 protection. There is quite a bit of confusion in the marketplace about UV protection. Many often confuse the darkness of a lens with its ability to protect from harmful ultraviolet radiation. In fact, as with PeakVision’s patented Dual-Zone/Zero-Distortion lens technology, a lens can have 100% UV protection and not be so dark that you're practically blind when wearing sunglasses. And the opposite is also true - you can have an extremely dark lens that doesn't fully protect from ultraviolet radiation. On a recent outing, the Founder and developer of PeakVision, J Paul Moore, failed to apply sunscreen, but of course always wore his PEAKS. Though he doesn't have much of a face for Hollywood, Paul is pictured here with his "raccoon eyes", thanks to the 100% UV400 protection that PEAKS provided. It is a fact that the retina is one of the most fragile tissues of our organism. 100% of human eyes that are exposed to UV radiation will be damaged. Not every one who gets sunburned skin will get skin cancer and our bodies have an amazing ability to replace damaged skin. Unfortunately the same is not true about the human eye. Once eye tissue is damaged, it cannot repair itself and, if the particular condition can be repaired, it usually requires a surgical procedure. Please, don’t get us wrong! We are not saying sunscreen for skin protection is not important. Simply put, the consequences of not protecting our eyes will have permanent, detrimental results and, in many situations, cannot be mitigated after the eye damage has occurred. Also, for golfers and other athletes participating in ball sports, don’t forget the importance of wearing impact resistant eye protection to prevent injury from eye trauma. At PeakVision we have received numerous testimonials from golfers who were hit in the eye with a golf ball and testified that the fact they were wearing PeakVision sunglasses while striking the ball saved the vision in one or both of their eyes. Sunglasses that don’t improve your vision like PEAKS do usually end up being worn on top of the hat where they provide no eye protection either from UV exposure or risk of traumatic injury. See Better. LENScredible! PeakVision"

PeakVision Saves Jeff Bard's Eyesight!

"A golf ball traveling over 100mph struck me on the center of my left eye. Thankfully, I was wearing my PeakVision sunglasses. "

Steve Palermo - MLB Umpire Supervisor & Kansas City's home-town

"I got my first pair of PEAKS as a tee-gift at a golf tournament. I couldn't believe my eyes. I got great vision, but I see better wearing PEAKS than with my natural eye. Then I got 'em on my umpire teams and they're just unbelievable. PEAKS Dual-Zone sports vision technology really does improve performance."

Dr. Craig Farnsworth - Developmental Optometrist

"Every great athlete relies on great vision. No matter the sport, they are able to perform based on what their eyes are capable of visualizing. After spending years looking for the perfect sunglass that would provide 100% UV400 protection so my clients could enjoy great vision for a lifetime, I finally found PEAKS...that also prove to enhance both visual and play performance. I give PeakVision Sports my strongest recommendation because their patented Dual-Zone lenses perfectly balance the wide range of outdoor light intensity and the clarity is simply phenomenal. PEAKS can be worn without fear of optical distortion and they solve the vision problems encountered with standard sunglass lenses. Finally, a sunglass that even golfers can wear on their face instead of the back of the hat!"

The Putting Prescription - Dr. Craig Farnsworth-Optometrist Pur

"Prescription No. 8 - Your Most Important Piece of Equipment Pages 158-160 Several years ago, I was introduced to “PEAKS performance eyewear” by the inventor, Paul Moore. I was immediately able to see a remarkable difference compared to the sunglasses I was wearing, and PeakVision eyewear has been on my face for every round since. Purchase any PEAKS sunglass and during the checkout process enter Invitation Code PEAKS PUTT to receive an autographed copy of Doc Farnsworth's hot new putting bible, The Putting Prescription, absolutely free! "

David Feherty - TV Golf Analyst

"With PeakVision Sports Dual-Zone lenses, I can read putts better now than when I was playing. When I can see the break that Tour players miss, it makes me want to go back and give it another try! PeakVision Sports sunglasses really do help you read greens better, and I should know. That's what I do for a living."

Dr. Travis Fox - Sports Psychologist "Million Minds Project"

"Dr. Fox discovered PEAKS® on the PGA Tour where he works on the mental aspect of the game with numerous PGA Tour players. Dr. Fox states; “From the moment I put PEAKS® on, I could not believe my eyes. I have always tried to wear sunglasses to play golf, but they always got in the way far more than they ever helped me...until PEAKS! Wow, was I amazed!” Dr. Fox continues, “After wearing PEAKS® for several months, beside reading greens better, I discovered their phenomenal mental calming effect persisted. I am so much more relaxed when wearing PEAKS® and I have found they reduce my anxiety on the golf course when the money-shot lies ahead of me. What they do for me, they will do for any golfer.” Integrating PEAKS® into Dr. Fox’s proven effective mental-management techniques, every golfer will experience a powerful winning combination. "

Lori Atsedes - Tour Player / Big Break Competitor

"Many know Lori from her aggressive play and performance on Big Break Ka'anapali where she finished in 2nd Place. She's back on Big Break Dominican Republic and continues her knock-out performances! Lori has been wearing PEAKS for 5 years now and whether it's sunny or overcast, won't hit a shot without her PEAKS. "The first time I put PEAKS on I was amazed at the remarkable improvement in vision they delivered. Five years later, PEAKS are still amazing. They are as integral a part of my professional equipment as my putter and I don't play golf without them because I play my best golf when I'm wearing PEAKS. "

Billy Andrade - PGA Tour Professional

"On the 2004 PGA Tour, I ranked 71st in putting. In 2005 I began wearing PEAKS and I finished ranked among the Top Ten Best Putters on Tour. PeakVision Sports Sunglasses have been a lifesaver to me!"

Steve Azar - Azar's hot album INDIANOLA

"Celebrity/Pro-Am Golfer Steve Azar with U.S. Ski Legend Terry Ahola at Monday After Masters event! Zar sporting his PeakVision shades and Loud Mouth golf apparel. Steve has this to say about our sunglasses: "PeakVision golf sunglasses are unbelievable. I've worn every brand of sunglass imaginable costing from $10 to $800. I see better with PEAKS than any other sunglass I have ever worn...PERIOD! Now, I wear my PEAKS for everything...driving, stage performance, golf name it, my vision is better with PEAKS.""

Nick Noonan, San Francisco Giants 2007 #1 Draft Pick

"Nick Noonan is one of the growing number of up-and-coming baseball players to discover the benefits of PEAKS on the field. As noted on a recent Giants blog, after being "drafted 32nd overall in the 2007 draft, second baseman Nick Noonan came out of a 52 game stint at Rookie Ball post-draft looking like the infielder of the future for the Giants". Nick says, "PeakVision sunglasses give me the advantages I need to perform at such a high level of competition. The Dual-Zone lenses help block the high sun while enhancing vision on low ground balls. The light weight frames and and clarity also provide comfortability throughout the game!" Nick is currently in the Giants farm system, playing for the Augusta Greenjackets in Georgia. "

Mike Baxter - San Diego Padres Outfielder

"In the beginning of my baseball career I was never able to find a pair of sunglasses that were comfortable and clear enough to wear on the field. A friend gave me a pair of PEAKS last year and now I wouldn’t want to play a day game without them. The GR4 model sharpens everything in your visual plane, and provides a comfortable, lightweight fit that works for me on the baseball field. I’d recommend this model to any ballplayer looking for a high quality pair of sunglasses. "

PEAKS: 34 - Pheasants: 0

"The pheasants at Joshua Creek Ranch in Boerne, Texas were no match recently for the father and son duo of Jeff and Jared Johnson of Yorba Linda, California. Said Jeff, "Wearing our PEAKS, we outshot the rest of our group by about 40%". Jared, always more succinct, said simply, "I love it!". Ranch Manager David Edwards was so impressed with the results and the sunglasses that he has become a PeakVision Sports retailer, and PEAKS will now be available to hunters and shooting enthusiasts alike. Once again, PEAKS' Dual-Zone/Zero Distortion lens technology delivers outstanding vision performance to outdoor enthusiasts - on the course, on the range and at the ranch!"

Houston Astros - Pro Baseball

"Jamie Quirk, former MLB Catcher, now Bullpen Coach for the Houston Astros discovered PEAKS and shared them with Manager Brad Mills and the entire Astro's coaching staff. "I have never worn sunglasses that allow me to see everything I need to see until PeakVision. Way to go guys! PEAKS are amazing!"

Wounded Warriors Project

"PeakVision Equips Wounded Warriors with Superior Eye & Vision Protection For 35% savings & donation enter Invitation Code: WARRIOR LPGA FUTURES TOUR - Richmond, Virginia At the Eagle Classic Tournament at the Richmond Country Club, PeakVision was honored to provide numerous Wounded Warriors with complimentary PeakVision eyewear. These true American heroes took the day off from rehabilitation at the Walter Reed Medical Center to travel to the Richmond Country Club to participate in a golf clinic with members of the LPGA Futures Tour. On Thursday afternoon, several Wounded Warriors played golf on prosthetic legs for the first time. They received special one-on-one instruction from LPGA Futures Tour golfers, including long-time PEAKS wearers Jean Chua, Kendall Dye and Benedikte (Boo) Grotvedt. Tour veteran Lori Atsedes and PeakVision Founder/CEO, J. Paul Moore assisted the players and their family members in selecting and fitting their new PeakVision eyewear. The tour players and soldiers paired up and went to work on their game. Some of the soldiers who had played golf before their injuries were eager to see if they could make the adjustments in balance with clubs in their hands. It was an impressive display of fortitude and commitment on the part of these remarkable soldiers who have sacrificed in service to our nation. One soldier, 21-year-old Tony Mullis of Hawkinsville, Ga., worked with LPGA Futures Tour member Jean Chua of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Mullis lost both of his legs on April 4 this year when he stepped on an IED (improvised explosive device) while doing his job. The brave, young Corporal in the U.S. Marine Corp also took shrapnel to his right arm and face. “I signed up to do this because I haven’t played golf since I was injured,” said Mullis, a double-amputee, who has had multiple surgeries and now wears prosthetic legs. “I wondered if I could even play anymore? This has given me a chance to get away from the hospital and to have a sense of ‘normal’ again.” “I was conscious the whole time when the explosion occurred and I just wanted to make it back home,” said Mullis. “My son was born the day before I was injured, so now, I push myself because I want to be able to walk and spend time with him. “I still have my bad days,” added Mullis. “But when I do, I concentrate on my son and I see myself doing the things I enjoy again. These PEAKS are amazing, too. Have you thought about making them for the military? Soldiers really need this lens because you can see so much better.” PeakVision will work on this opportunity but, today, we just worked on hitting golf shots again in the summer sunshine with PEAKS protecting the eyes and vision of our heroes. Support Wounded Warriors Save 35% on PEAKS plus... 10% of your purchase goes directly to The Wounded Warrior Project For savings & donation enter Invitation Code: WARRIOR "

Dr. Bob Rotella - Nation's Premier Sports Psychologist

"Having worked with high-performance athletes in every sport from golf to baseball to motor sports, the most important sense is their vision. The eyes are the windows to the mind. When you are uncertain about what your eyes are seeing, you make decisions that cause doubt to settle in resulting in poor decisions that you cannot trust. When your vision is clear, you make clear-cut decisions that increase your confidence. PEAKS Dual-Zone lens technology is clearly the best I have ever seen. PEAKS are the only sunglasses I can wear for golf and I recommend them to everyone. "

Briana Vega - winner "The Big Break VI: Trump National"

"I have always worn sunglasses to play golf because I like to protect my eyes and vision. I first got my PEAKS when I was at Big Break VI and I immediately saw a difference. The lenses are a lot crisper and clearer to see through. They are clearer even on overcast days and I am able to see everything brighter. I can wear my PEAKS for a whole round of golf and I do not need to take them off. They actually help me read the greens a lot better because they are a lot clearer and brighter, yet I can comfortably view the bright sky. I can actually see the contour of the greens better when I have my PEAKS on. I am not very good with the technology part...I just know they work really well."

Todd Martin, Cleveland Indians

"Todd, who plays first base in the Indians farm system, says "I have never been much for wearing sunglasses during games, mainly because they were not comfortable or blocked my vision in some way. But after wearing the GR4s from PeakVision Sports, my mind completely changed. The GR4s were incredibly comfortable and light, almost to the point I would forget I was wearing them. And in the past while wearing other brands, I would find myself still having to shield the sun while looking at it. But with the GR4s I could find the ball in the sun without the assistance from my glove. I have been very happy with PeakVision Sports, and I have never worn a pair of sunglasses as great as these!""

Jon Thompson - Balloon Pilot for Children's Miracle Network

"I can't help but sing the praises of my PeakVision glasses.  Since I got them they have been on my face more than off.   My Peaks are great for flying the CMN balloon. Especially in competition, where I need to concentrate on flying as well as map reading and looking at my instruments. (No more taking off and on my glasses like before). Though my safety record is tops, I definitely feel safer when I'm wearing my PEAKS because there is no question I see everything better. Thank you for a great product that works as well up in the heavens as they do on earth!"

Tom Meyer - Vail, Colorado

"I am a ski instructor at Vail and am also a competitive tennis player and avid bicyclist. I have found PEAKS sunglasses to be optimal for everything that I do. With PEAKS, my clarity of vision surpasses any other brands that I have used...and I have a number of other glasses made by well-known manufacturers. But PEAKS are the only ones that I ever use now. Thanks for your exceptional product!"

Claude Brousseau - 2008 Aloha Section PGA Teacher of the Year

"As a teaching professional at Kapalua Golf Academy, I have been using sunglasses for over 15 years while playing or teaching. Developmental Optometrist/Putting Coach Dr. Craig Farnsworth introduced me to PEAKS. When I tried the PeakVision for the first time; I said WOW! I need this type of eyewear. When I have my golfers/clients try them, they have the same reaction. WOW! Spending many hours on the teaching tee; the PeakVision eyewear reduces my eye fatigue. I love them even more when I am on the putting green. I see the break better then ever. Do your golf game a favor, trust it only with PeakVision glasses. "

Moira Dunn - LPGA Tour Professional

"PEAKS are golf equipment for my eyes. They have become such a necessary part of my game that now, I can't imagine showing up for a round of golf without my PEAKS."

Jeff Mitchell - Big Break Contestant, College Golf Coach

"Since being introduced to Peak Vision Sports sunglasses while participating in the Golf Channel’s Big Break VI Trump National, I have worn PEAKS every time I play or am on the course. They are the first and only sunglasses that I can put on when I get to the course and not take off until I leave. It is great to be able to read greens, reduce glare and protect my eyes all at the same time. I have worn a lot of sunglasses. Peak Visions are, by far, the best ever Their "Dual-Zone" science really works.” "

Beth Bader - LPGA Tour Professional

"PEAKS are not a gimmick. There is no question that I read greens better wearing my PEAKS than with the natural eye...not to mention that my eyes are fully protected because I am not taking my sunglasses off and on. With PEAKS I am so much more relaxed and less fatigued after 18. And I love their new XK5's unbelievably comfortable."

Kelly Murray

"In my professional golf career I have tried many times to wear sunglasses to protect my eyes, but everything distorted my vision. I’m kind of a zen golfer...I keep my mind clear and free from external distraction. Taking sunglasses off simply took me out of my mental game. I became familiar with PEAKS when I competed on Big Break VI. I’m a blue-eyed, silver-haired Canadian and am very sensitive to light. The most remarkable thing I can say about my PEAKS is that I simply forget I’m wearing sunglasses. The lens is nothing short of revolutionary. I wear PeakVision all the time because there is no question that I see better; no matter what I’m doing. Whether I’m sitting at the gate at the Dallas airport or competing as the Guinness World Record holder for the longest drive in history (684.8 yards), PEAKS help me keep my mind clear. Wearing them on the golf course for every shot, I play with great confidence. Whatever the weather is, you are missing out on a beautiful day if you’re not wearing PeakVision sunglasses. Believe the truth. "

Coach Mark Sheldon

"The more you’re out there without eye protection, the worse your vision will become. Regular sunglasses just distort everything, but the first time I put PEAKS on...honestly, I thought I wasn’t wearing sunglasses because I could see everything. The Dual-Zone is fantastic because the top of the lens blocks out the sun and the bottom half makes you see everything clearly. "

Coach Joe Waldron

"The thing I love about PEAKS is the Dual Zone lens. The upper zone knocks out the glare while the amber lower zone allows me to see clearly; to see across the field with no distortion. My eyes are ore relaxed and I’m able to wear them longer. Every coach should try PEAKS out. PeakVision is a great company that stands behind their product and you will see better."

Coach Michelle Benjamin

"I started wearing PEAKS because I liked how clear everything was and the color seemed undistorted. PEAKS cut out the brightness without cutting out the light...if that makes any sense? As a science teacher I can’t explain what’s being polarized or diffracted or whatever, but I can vouch that PEAKS are effective. I wear them all the time outdoors. (Editiorial: PEAKS are not polarized, though they do provide 100% UV400 protection.) "

Coach Arlan Vomhof

"When I first put PeakVision on my first thought was WOW! Everything seemed more vibrant and it brought out a lot of detail that I couldn’t see without them. And I like how my players can see my eyes when I’m talking to them. I can tell when they are making eye contact with me. I like my PEAKS, I like them a lot. "

Coach Sarah Gonzalez

"The first time I put PEAKS on it was kind of a shock. I was like...this is really, really clear. When coaching eye contact is really important. With PeakVision my players can look me in the eyes unlike regular gray lenses. Even when the glare from the setting sun is right in my eyes, I can still see the lines and players action on the field. "

Coach Stacia Walters

"Our field faces west and all of our games are in the evening, so I have to wear sunglasses. My old sunglasses just didn’t cut it. When I took them off and put PEAKS on for the first time, it was great. Everything was brighter yet shielded from the sun’s glare. No question, I see better with PEAKS."

Berry Henson - NGA Hooters Tour

"Berry is playing on the NGA Hooters tour in 2008. He says, "I have been wearing PeakVision shades for three years now and I cannot play golf without them. The technology behind the lenses allows me to read the greens much clearer as well as block out the harmful UV rays that are present every day I play. They are very light and fit everyone. In every Pro-Am tournament I have played, my partners ask me "How do you putt so well" I tell them its my PeakVision sunglasses. They laugh at me, but once they try them on and roll in a 20 footer, they are wondering how they can get a pair. My stats have shown that, in the last three years, my putting average has dropped a full stroke per round! That adds up to four shots a tourney, which adds up to a bunch more money. I was also lucky enough to shoot that magical 59 in 2007. Thanks so much for all the support at PeakVision Sports!" "

Jeanne Cho-Hunicke - LPGA Tour Professional

"I used to wear Oakleys and I remember I told myself I would never wear anything else. But I had to take them off once I got on the green. When I was on Big Break V in Hawaii they said we could choose some PeakVision sunglasses and try them out. They worked out really well for me and I realized I did not have to take them off when I was putting. My eyes are very important and I want them to be healthy for a long time. Vision is the most important thing in my golf game, so I need sunglasses that will help me maximize my vision and lenses that will not distort my vision because I have to be able to read greens. PeakVision lenses are really clear, they help me read greens. They are not like other sunglasses I have tried before. PEAKS do not distort your vision. All the best players in the world are always seeking the best equipment for their game; their driver, their shoes, their clubs... and sunglasses are the exact same thing. I have been looking for the best sunglasses and I finally found them, PeakVisions are the best sunglasses I have ever found."

PeakVision Sports
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