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  • Why is PeakVision's hybrid, Dual-Zone lens best for golf?
  • What is the unique lens material in PeakVision's hybrid, Dual-Zone lenses?
  • Where are the PeakVision sunglasses made?
  • How much do the PeakVision sunglasses cost?
  • How can I purchase PEAKS if I reside in Canada?
  • Why aren't PeakVision Sports' lenses polarized?
  • Why should I care about UV Protection for my eyes?
  • Are the frames adjustable?
  • What's the difference between the frame styles?
  • Is one frame style more durable than another?
  • What is the most popular frame?
  • Are there frames specifically for men and for women?
  • Are the lenses scratch proof?
  • Do you sell replacement lenses?
  • Which lens offers the most coverage?
  • Are PEAKS available in prescription lenses?
  • Does the performance of the Dual-Zone lens technology change with the weather conditions or time of day?
  • Can PEAKS be worn for outdoor activities beyond golf?
  • What accessories are available?
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